Marketing Ogden

Motorcycle Classics is devotedly read by the young, middle aged and old aged people who are true motorcycle enthusiasts and live the dream of collecting and sharing information about the great iron rider.

The marketing campaign for the chosen titles of Ogden Publications will be based on the concept of integrated marketing communications. According to Tony Yeshin (1998), integrated marketing communications refers to the coordination of several promotional techniques in a campaign in such a manner that the marketing objective is fulfilled. Ogden Publication needs to utilize a mix of integrated marketing tools such as public relations, direct selling, advertising, sales promotion etc. A very effective way for Ogden to promote and further strengthen its brand is through the effective use of social media marketing. The interactive form of PR will allow Ogden to communicate directly with its audience. Information about special issues, Ogden promotional fairs, sponsoring events and tips on adapting to a sustainable lifestyle will be delivered to the customers easily. The quick response about any new initiative by Ogden will serve as a feedback which would open doors for further improvement. The fans of Motorcycle Classics would find social media a great opportunity to exchange their knowledge and tips on bike riding, new and old models and finest motorcycle maintenance essentials. Fans of Mother Earth News and Utne Reader will share their views on a healthy lifestyle and personal DIY techniques effectively.

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Marketing Ogden
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It is a big challenge for Ogden to maintain the same feel and look across both online and print media. The most important way to do so is to identify the brand tone. This means that Ogden must decide if it wants to communicate in a formal or informal tone with its customers. Once identified and agreed, it must design marketing and PR campaigns in such a manner so as to maintain formality/informality in all online,

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