Marketing Plan for HIV drug.

Promotional aspect of marketing mix is usually considered to be marketing communication. It is all about conveying a common message across different media channels so as to ensure that it reaches target audience. Marketing communication is a strategic approach adopted by a company in order to reach target audience. In this study a product would be outlined which is losing significance in modern world. HIV or AIDS is regarded as a global problem. In its early years it was an incurable disease but in present scenario it is a health problem which can be effectively addressed. The percentage of death rate is considerably falling due to introduction of various treatment and retroviral drugs. However the problem is linked with lack of awareness program about HIV drug. Young people often do not remember about these drugs or are not determined to consume HIV drugs. Through this study a marketing campaign will be designed that could influence target segment to purchase HIV drug and prevent such diseases from spreading.

HIV is a global issue that has contributed towards death percentage rise. Modern treatments had been introduced by government and healthcare agencies to prevent this disease. There are new drugs being introduced which can eradicate this kind of disease from its roots. HIV drugs are being developed at a faster rate and it is inclined towards saving lives of HIV victims. There are few issues associated with marketing of HIV drug. Firstly it has been observed that individuals are less likely to accept their disease. This in turn restricts drug makers or health care agencies to efficiently reach out to target audience. Death rate due to HIV aids have been decreasing over the years and negligence has been main cause for this issue. On the other hand, individuals who agree to purchase this drug at times are not able to afford such high priced drugs. Affordability is a major area of concern for HIV victims.

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Marketing Plan for HIV drug.
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