Maternity Mentoring.


From the long term perspective, the employees also develop a sense of belongingness with the organisation if they get such support from their employers. Maternity Mentoring phase ensures that the parents have a feeling that they are needed by the organisation and the company would be benefitted to get them back to the organisation in the post child period. The parents also should be able to adapt to the environment in such phases of their lives. There should be proper arrangements for the mothers as well as work wise flexibility. There are generally a number of phases through which a new or would be parent would be undergoing.

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This dissertation paper is an attempt to analyse the various aspects of Maternity Mentoring in the wider sense of the term and the various factors of such coaching process that help the organisation to retain the best talent despite the crossing of the various cross roads of the lives of the employees. This study is conducted with the help of primary and secondary data to analyse how this process works in the organisations of the present day.

Maternity mentoring in the present day is not a much widely practiced phenomenon in the corporate world. An organisation in order to implement such kind of an HR practise has to start with a pilot project considering a sample of a few employees and has to analyse the costs and benefits of starting such a programme in the organisation (Baumeister and Vohs, 2004, p. 574). It is also important to indentify the different issues that the women encounter when they commence on their re-engagement with the organisation in the post maternity period. It is also important to track the path of growth of the parents in the post parenthood phase and how the mentoring process of the parents would help them to reach a phase of development in their career (Ludeman, 2009, pp. 237- 54).

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