Math Lesson PLan (Measuring Angles).

Students with autism perform better in a predictable environment (Ernsperger, 2002).

Special signals will be developed which the student can use to draw attention of the teacher if he needs help. These instructions will not disturb the class and will also shield the child from undue attention (Mcminn, 2006).

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Math Lesson PLan (Measuring Angles).
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Frequent feedback is essential in order to ensure proper learning. To facilitate this, the student will be questioned repeatedly and his understanding will be tested to ensure he remains on the right track. As frequent questioning in the classroom can be disruptive, special session will be given to the student.

Once the students draw two lines intersecting with each other, they will be taught that the point at which they intersect is called as the vertex and angles are formed when two lines meet at the vertex.

Students will now be encouraged to give examples where angles are important. They will be asked to give examples from everyday lives. Ask each student to give one example of an angle. This will ensure that students understand what angles mean and what their importance is.

The teacher will then distribute an angle worksheet to all the students. This worksheet will include the following – definition of angles, how angles are measured, and 3 categories of angles: acute angle, obtuse angle, and right angle and their definitions. The worksheet to be distributed in shown in appendix A. Special worksheet will be distributed for the student with visual impairment which is readable for him. The worksheet will also serve as class notes which can be given to student suffering from SLI, ESL and hearing impairments.

The teacher will then draw the three types of angles on the whiteboard – acute angle, obtuse angle and right angles and explain each and every point mentioned in the worksheet clearly and precisely.

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