Matthews Context

spring 2017 Matthews Context and DFD Assignment Use Visio or some other CASE tool to present 1) a context diagram. This is one unit within the college Red Cross Blood Donor Centre. On the day results of a blood donation, the Blood Bank unit tests Street which these tests to the Processing all blood blood type and potential viral send the lists the blood unit office another unit of the centre). For each tested blood unit, they fill out a form limited number, the blood type, the date and the results of the test. If the tests indicate that the blood life. may be contaminated with a viral agent, the blood unit is This is indicated on the test form. Blood units have a discarded The Blood Bank receives a list every day of those units which have exceeded their shelf life. These are Bank also and the list sent back to the Processing office with a signed indication of the disposal of the units. The Blood Blood distributes blood to various hospitals requesting blood. Requests usually come in for specific blood types. The pick Bank prepares refrigerated containers of these units and distributes them to the hospital vans when they arrive to the up their supply. Blood receives a listing for each hospital and the specific units of blood to supply to the hospital from the Processing Bank order is printed in triplicate. When the order is filled, lab technician signs order and returns office. The final a copy to the Processing office. A copy of it the copy is kept in the Blood travels with the blood to the requesting hospital. The Bank records but discarded after one year. Due Tuesday 4/11/17

(a)Prepare the context data flow diagram for the Blood bank as shown below:

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Matthews Context
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