Medicine in islam.


Through such an analysis is the hope of this author that the reader will be able to gain a more informed and rational understanding with regard to the many different developments within different fields that Islam was able to contribute to the world at large. Moreover, as a direct result of the fact that the early Islamic Empire was able to engage different ethnic groups of different cultures and backgrounds,

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Medicine in islam.
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many of the “developments” that will be referenced will in fact be the result of syncretic adaptation and borrowing that took place within the early Islamic community.

Firstly, it is oftentimes incorrectly attributed that it was early Islamic philosophers that first determined that blood circulated throughout the body. However, this myth has widely been dispelled as it is now understood that it was in fact Greeks who put forward this hypothesis several centuries prior to Islamic civilization existing. However, with that being said, it was Islamic civilization and philosophy that presented the world of medicine a greater understanding with regard to the way in which blood circulated through the body as a result of ventricles and movements of the aorta. Such a level of understanding was of course profound with respect to the manner through which it helped healthcare professionals to understand how to treat a patient (Ghaly 106). As a direct result of the way in which knowledge increases and individuals come to integrate with new technology, cauterize nation and bloodletting were substantial further developments to this particular breakthrough that were also engaged by the early Islamic world.

Whereas it is true that bloodletting is no longer utilized, broadly speaking, within the current world of medicine, it is most certainly the case that cauterizing wounds is utilized within almost every type of surgical procedure that exists within the current era. As a means of singeing the flesh and immediately encouraging blood

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