Memory in the human mind.


Sensory memory refers to the ability to keep sensory information impressions once the original stimuli have come to an end. It function as a type of buffer meant for stimuli obtained via the five senses of touch, smell, sight, taste and hearing which are preserved correctly, but very for a short time. For instance, the ability to glance at something and recall what it appeared like by of observing it for just a second is an illustration of sensory memory (Luke 2010).

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Memory in the human mind.
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The stimuli identified by a person’s senses can either be recognized, in which case they go into our sensory memory, or deliberately disregarded, in which case they fade away almost immediately. This does not call for any conscious attention and, without a doubt, is typically believed to be completely outside the control of the conscious. The brain is devised to only process information which will be of use in future, and to permit the rest to go by without being detected. Information is perceived at the same time it is stored in sensory memory routinely. It is not possible to prolong the sensory memory through rehearsal just like the other types of memory (Luke 2010).

All incoming information is captured for a short time for about a half to two seconds inside Sensory Memory as a primal and unexamined copy of the real sensory information. This storage occurs in the Primary Sensory Cortex, which is why the sensory memory is very vivid and realistic, whilst it lasts (Gregory, 2014).Through the process of attention, information is able to pass from the sensory memory and into the short-term memory, which effectively sorts out the stimuli to just those which are of importance at any given time (Luke 2010)

Short-term memory, also well-known as active or primary memory, refers to the information we are presently thinking about or aware of.

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