Mental Health Policy.


The Medicaid and Medicare a times under pays in that money given to the hospital is less than the one stated. This leads to bad debts. To solve this problem the hospital will invest on alternative policies (Fawcett & Karban, 2005). The hospital has set up a policy in which the hospital will offer a membership plan at which one will have to posses a membership card. In it annual contributions will be required and members will have to renew the membership cards. This will cut on the dependency of the patients’ on the Medicare and Medicaid. This will have mutual benefits, in that it will reduce the problem of hospital incurring bad debts due to under payments by the Medicare and Medicaid. On the other hand the patients will be able to pay less also pay nothing in the case of minor illnesses.

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Mental Health Policy.
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The other problem faced by the hospital includes the ability to diversify patients mix. The solution lies on, first creating sections in the hospital to deal with different complications. This will take place without creating an impression that there is discrimination. There will be a well-trained costumer care to enable the hospital have a friendly look hence increasing the client base due to recommendations by those who visit it. Since the hospital main client bases are the elderly, the hospital will invest in a pediatric section to deal with complication relating to children. To reach out to the community mobile stations will be set a side and mobile doctors assigned to enable services provided are of high quality. This will market the hospital to the entire region hence many will seek help to our hospital (Fawcett & Karban, 2005).

To ensure inclusiveness of the entire community, hospital signs and labels will be in a language that involves the entire community. The staff will be taught different languages to enable ease in understanding the patients’ complaints.

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