Mental Illness and Families.


Mental illness involves a health condition which results into low or high levels of challenges in actions and thoughts. This leads to insufficient abilities of addressing the demands and processes of normal life. There are approximately 200 mental illness categories. The disorders that are commonly associated with mental illness involve. anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorders. The symptoms for mental illness include. social withdrawal, mood changes, changes in personality, and also changes in individual habits (Hockenbury, 2012). The challenges as a result of mental health are due to increased stress levels. There are several causes of mental illnesses. for instance, inappropriate biochemical changes, environmental issues, and also the genetic concepts.

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There are several key indicators that parents can apply in analyzing the mental illness levels of their children. One indicator of developing mental illness entails the continuous illustration of negative school performance. The performance can either be. academic like poor class concentration or participation, and non academic like poor relationship and interaction with peers. Mental illness is also seen through aggressive actions illustrated by the child. for example, continuous engagement in violent attacks on other children. High rates of substance abuse also illustrate mental illness cases. Individuals who are physically, psychologically or mentally disturbed normally consume a lot of drugs and also alcoholic contents (Fried, 2006).

The members of the household can engage in several actions, to address the mental health issues, it exits in the family. The family members should appropriately consult the pediatrician. A lot of emphasis is placed on early intervention. The parents should request the pediatrician to conduct complete medical checkup on the children.

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