As far as the behavioral aspects of the mentally ill patients are concerned, the society should be organized enough to have dedicated institutions for providing management of a number of problems like depression, anger, addictions etc. Such an organized setup is more likely to accommodate the solution provided by the panel as compared to a setup where there is lack of dedicated institutions for the mentally handicapped for the management of issues like anger and additions etc.

A change in the pattern of treatment by bringing about change at organizational level can make possible the provision of treatment in a domestic setting. The vast majority of mentally ill patients are isolated from other family members and are deprived the privilege of functioning independently. Residential treatment can be made possible provided the healthy segment of the society is willing to play its role. This role of this segment of society gains importance since it is this segment of the society which can make possible the presence of a professional at domestic levels for the purpose of handling issues like anger outbursts or other behavioral issues (Holt et al, 23).

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Every member of a society has his role to play. People surrounding a mentally ill patient need to operate differently when dealing with mentally ill persons. The way a society operates towards the mentally ill patients determines how the mental illness responds. In some cases, these social factors may be the precipitating cause of a psychological event. It is for this reason that the role of members of a society should be kept in mind when designing and implementing measures to correct the mental illness of the mentally ill patients.

The society should play its role to preserve and increase the self-esteem of the mentally handicapped. More importance should be given to allow the patients to take care of themselves and in doing so improve their wellbeing. The role of medication should be stressed at this point

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