Methodology and questionnaires.


This could be due to a plethora of reasons- like gender discrimination, perceived lack of female managerial qualifications/experience, bias shown towards women showing that they are emotionally not competent to occupy managerial positions, perceived threats of male colleagues during promotions, sexual harassment, need to devote time for household work, inability to work at odd hours and night hours, restricted mobility, etc, All these factors combine to create situations in which the situation of women may be marginalised or even threatened by the hierarchy or the work culture and ethos of the institution.

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Methodology and questionnaires.
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There are several aspects for methodology to be carried out and they use the multiple data collection system. The multiple systems could entail both qualitative and quantitative surveys. The quantitative methodology invokes use of statistical and other measures of quantitative analysis whereas, the qualitative would be in terms of structured interviews. Structured interviews are of standard format which entail open ended or closed ended questionnaires. Open ended questions would give the respondents scope for expressing themselves more verbally than closed ends, in which the questions would respond with either Yes or No.

This is important because in a study of this kind, in which both quantitative and qualitative data need to be gathered and expounded, qualitative data need to be structured, open ended and amenable to further research and interpretations.

1. Methodology to deal with Research Question No.1: This research question deals with the need to create new management part time jobs to accommodate women into these positions and make better and more productive use of the women work force’s This could be done though face-to-face interviews with the Top Directors and Senior Management Team of the company regarding the induction of newly created vacancies for women in management positions.

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