Methods of Teaching Adult Education.


In this assignment, we will discuss just three of the best and modern methods that can be used to teach employees to recycle as much of the organizations waste as possible. The methods to be discussed include the use of classroom lectures and assignments, use of demonstrations, and group works. The paper will also go ahead to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each of these methods used.

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Under this method, the employees, who will be the adult learners, will be confined in a classroom or a conference hall and be subjected to a lecture. The lecture material will be prepared with the consideration that will majorly touch on the theoretical view of wastes and waste management. This method will be used when conveying a general information to the entire lot of the employees that could otherwise be hard to handle when using some other methods that are only effective for a small number of learners. The basic information and briefing about waste management and recycling will be conveyed here. However, when using this method with the adults, the period of administering the lecture must be short. When time is made shorter, the level of concentration of the learners will be high, therefore, the effectiveness of the method will be achieved.

The lecture method will encourage participation by the adult learners where they will be able to ask questions to improve their content mastery and understanding. The method will be one of the best methods to use in teaching this topic to the employees since it will be easy to use real life examples of other waste recycling that have been done before and such will be able to put emphasis on the learning outcomes. The method also combines lectures with assignments, thereby, acting as an evaluative method for the learners. It can, therefore, easily tell whether the learners have understood the learning

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