Micro-organisms and Diesease.


They are colonial or unicellular.

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Micro-organisms and Diesease.
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Role- cause disease to organisms. There are also useful plants pathogens that play various roles such as restricting plant distribution, regulating population, increasing/reducing diversity and creating canopy gaps.

Direct contact- organisms are transmitted from one individual to another (For instance, when there is the physical contact of closed or open body or through a skin opening, sexual contact and through directly breathing in pathogens from an infected individual).

Indirect contact- organism transfers from an object to the other, either an intermediate host or a vector. For instance, the organism can be transferred through contaminated substances like air, soils, feces, equipment and clothing.

Penetration areas- skin, sebaceous glands or hair follicles to cause boils and sties or teat canals and lead to staphylococcal mastitis, arthropod bites, conjunctiva, through respiratory tract’s mechanism, microorganisms or urinogenital tract.

First, there is the existence of the pathogenic or infectious agents such as fungus, virus, bacterium, protozoa or prion. Microorganisms exit from the reservoir through the skin, respiratory tract, genitourinary tract and blood and across the placenta and take a mode of transmission to the next host. The transmission occurs either indirectly or directly.

Infection definition- a process by which bacteria, fungi or other organism enter a host and attach to a cell and multiply. To do this, the organisms should overcome or evade the body’s natural defense at every step. though mostly the infected individual does not get sick. Often not all infections cause illness.

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