Minerals (Geology).


Moreover, there are some minerals that are required to improve our nerves and hormone system. To be more precise, minerals can be defined as those analogous inorganic substances that occur in nature, have a specific chemical form, and have attributes of crystalline constitution and color. The goal of this paper is to bring forward complete and comprehensive information about minerals.

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 Minerals (Geology).
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Minerals have more than a thousand diverse shapes, colors, potencies, mass, and separating centers. Crystals, metals and rocks are all minerals, but they occur in different forms naturally. Crystals have refined appearance. For example, metals have a glossy look, and they are flexible and soft as they can resist the hard strength. Coal, graphite and gold are three such minerals that play a variety of vital roles. Gold is one of those valuable and precious metals that one wears for one’s individual manifestation. It is really important for all of us as the currency rate of the whole world depends on it. It seems as if the whole world is rotating around this metal. Also, our paper money is based on hard currency (gold) that is stored in Fort Knox (USA). “Gold also occurs in seawater to the extent of 5 to 250 parts by weight to 100 million parts of water” (Cash Gold Tree, para.3). Graphite has its own significance. It is used in pencils.

Furthermore, there are two basic kinds of minerals biologically. They are macro-minerals and trace minerals. Macro-minerals group is composed of calcium, phosphorus, sodium, chloride, potassium, sulfur and magnesium. Group of trace minerals includes iron, manganese, copper, iodine, zinc, cobalt, fluoride and selenium. According to a scientific point of view, our body needs more macro-minerals rather than trace minerals. Calcium is the most important macro-mineral as it helps to strengthen our bones and teeth. Sources of calcium are milk, animal protein, leafy green vegetables, and etcetera.

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