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The first question in this discussion is opinion and experience-based, so you can begin immediately. For subsequent questions please meaningfully integrate your readings including the text, articles, and module notes.

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1. Choose two populations that especially interest you from the following list: (These choices align with the reading list provided in the Module readings.)

    1. Black women,
    2. Mexican and Middle Eastern Immigrants,
    3. African American grandmothers raising grandchildren,
    4. disadvantaged urban adolescents,
    5. Appalachian women,
    6. Transgender individuals,
    7. transgender inmates,
    8. Women inmates.

In your opinion, and based on your understanding of your chosen group, what specific sex or gender-related expectations do you have regarding this population? For example, how would you describe the roles of men and women in this group? Any key differences in how men and women in this group might interact with the health care system?

2. Now, to prepare for the remainder of this week’s discussion, read the two (2) articles that align with your chosen population. These articles are found in the Module readings. Also do some of your own research regarding your chosen population. Here are some links to get you started:

In your research on this population, focus on:

  1. Demographics – percentage of the total US population, where members of this group tend to live, and any other statistics that are important to understanding this group
  2. Roles of men and women in this group, and any gender-based expectations that might impact health care
  3. Any specific health concerns, e.g. medical diagnoses that tend to predominant in this group

After you have conducted your research, discuss with the class your findings including:

  1. Briefly summarize your research findings.
  2. How did your opinions change after the research?
  3. Based on what you learned about cultural competence, how would you advise someone who is providing care to your researched population? Focus on any sex or gender-based considerations you would want to keep in mind in order to effectively communicate with, and meet the needs of, members of this population.

After you have shared your findings and read the initial posts of other class members, also address the following question:

4. What similarities did you see between your population and the populations chosen by your classmates? And key differences?

For information about writing your discussion posts, consult Discussion Tips. Be sure to check your work and correct any spelling or grammatical errors before you post it. When you are ready to make your initial posting, please click on the “Create Thread” button for a new thread, or “Reply” to respond to a previous post, copy/paste the text from your document into the message field and click “Submit.”

Your work will be evaluated using the SHS Discussion rub

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