Minimum wage.

Kiddyland, a nonprofit daycare center, faces space and funding challenges. Larson, being the manager, ought to consider various options and choose the most suitable. Larson may consider implementing a fee program, where parents may pay a small fee for the project (Rowe, 2013). This will serve as the key funding for the program. The fee program may be in the form of a flat fee or a sliding scales plan. In the flat fee program, parents pay equal amounts. A sliding scales fee plan compels parents to pay amounts based on their income capabilities. In the sliding scale program, Larson ought to be cautious not to overcharge parents, in order to sustain the tax exemption from the government.

Larson may employ the acquired money to run the most crucial activities of the daycare center. In case of surpluses, the money may be used in acquiring more land, in order to create more space for the daycare activities. Kiddyland daycare center is also church-based. As such, Larson may persuade capable members to donate land for this noble project (Rowe, 2013). High-income members may also opt to sponsor some children, which careful consultations.

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Additionally, since Kiddyland is nonprofit daycare center, it may qualify for government funding. However, it must conform to the various guidelines set by the Internal Revenue Service (Hopkins & Middlebrook, 2008). Additionally, government grants are extremely competitive, and mostly limited. As such, Larson and other concerned parties ought to sacrifice enough time while pursuing such grants and comply with the set regulations.

Larson’s daycare center runs on a limited budget. As such, she ought to consider purchasing various products that sell at reduced prices. The center, being a nonprofit organization, may qualify for tax exemptions.

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