Modernism in Design and Architecture.

The paper “Modernism in Design and Architecture” states modernism and architecture. Ideally, the design will be embedded Jonathan Hill’s notion of structure that is to expand the subject matter of planning and explore their interdependence. Traditionally, the purpose of design has been understood as the physical substances used in construction. For this reason, the proposed model will be a hybrid that incorporates the modern and traditional architecture to produce a cross breed that pushes the boundaries between subjects. Accordingly, this will facilitate an amalgam study that covers social, psychological, political, cultural history, art principles, and architecture. The application of a literal or phenomenal transparency in education facilitates communication between the players in a school setting. In his book Architecture the Subject Matter, Hill aims at expanding the subject and matter of architecture as well as examine their interdependence. In its centrality, the book goes beyond the familiar boundaries of the discipline to reassess the building. In a deeper understanding, Hill depicts that architectural matter is not the physical fabric, but rather the components of an element such as the bricks, words, sound, blood cells, and pixels. From Hill’s perspective, the personal perception, visualizing, and analysis of a situation is expounded by emphasizing on breaking the case into its essential elements to have a clear understanding of the situation before making recommendations or conclusions.

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Modernism in Design and Architecture.
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