Modernity and Modernism


The essay “Modernity and Modernism” analyzes the impact of modernism and modernity in the context of the history and culture. In the following parts of this paper, first history of modernism has been included in which a limited introduction of modernism from World War II and evolutionary changes in the architecture, craft, art and design have been provided. It is followed by the segment Le Corbusier’s monuments in Chandigarh in which they have been analysed in the light of the relevant theories. Before the conclusion, the idealist modernism part has been provided. Modernism is both evolutionary and revolutionary process. It does not remain the same but kept changing with the changes social, cultural, economic, personal, and other dimensions of today’s modern society. After the world war one, social, cultural and economic change was felt in which culture. art, design and architecture were mainly affected by the appetite for the change played the main role in this endeavour. However, it gained particular momentum particularly after the world war two in which more revolutionary thinking for economy. political activism affected the modernism in which a substantial amount of cultural change was experienced. Two world wars severely affected the modernism and developments taking place in the field of art, design, architecture and craft. In the World War II, millions of people died in which people from involved states as a whole lost sight on the sustained growth and stability of economic and cultural factors.

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Modernity and Modernism
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