Motivational Psychology.


In such a way, all four causes can be accomplished by a motivated person. It depends on a person if he gets motivated by one/few or all of the causes. Aristotle emphasizes on relation between these four causes and considered them strong reasons for inducing change in someone’s behavior or decisions.

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Motivational Psychology.
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Hedonism theory is established on two variables i.e. fun or boredom. It states that a task, activity is worth doing if it brings fun otherwise there is no use of doing that. Socrates also presents the similar idea by taking two variables into consideration i.e. pleasure and pain. He states that a person is motivated to do something if he comes to know about the feelings and intensity of pain and pleasure in doing something. (Reshotko, 2009) If pleasure exceeds pain, he will be motivated to do it and if pain exceeds pleasure, he will not be motivated to do it. The two variables established by Socrates are the drivers of motivational feelings in a person.

According to Aristotle, the presence of his defined causes can increase motivation in a person. (Rieber, 1981) For example, for eating, there is/are some feeling of hunger (formal), decision of eating something (final), satisfaction (efficient), craving (material) which can cause a person to feel motivated to eat.

According to Socrates, there should be pleasure feeling in a person to do something by his own motivation. In case when a person feels pleasure in doing something, his motivation to do it becomes increased. For example, when a person seeks pleasure in helping others, he will be motivated to do it.

According to Aristotle, if there is none of the cause present in a person, he will not be motivated to do something. The absence of all causes final, formal, material and efficient will decrease his motivation level.

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