Muhammad and the believers.


The book however addressed the Muslims after there was conviction that Muslims were of a separate religious community which was distinct from Jews and Christians. The idea emerged a century later after the leaders of the movement decided that only those that saw Quran as the final revelation of God and Muhammad as the final prophets were the ones that were considered to be believers.

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Fred M. Donner born in 1945 in Unites states is a scholar of Islam and has been working as a professor at the University of Chicago. He had early interests in the role that was played by pastoral nomadic in the Eastern societies and this led him to writing on the part of Arabian pastoral nomadic sets which was in the initial movement in Iraq in the 7th century2. He wrote the first book, The early Islamic Conquest which mainly inspected the relationship between pastoral nomads and the states.

There was then a shift that occurs in Donner’s interest to the intellectual and ideological factors that were in practice in the early expansion of Islam. This was also due to the efforts that he put into place to examine the coming about of and the expansions of Islam. This was put into writing in his book Narratives of Islamic Origins. In his examinations, he concluded that the roots of Islam lay in what he called Believers movement. This led him to writing the book, Muhammad and the believers.

The book is intended to address the origins of Islam that have been in controversy in the recent times. The tradition al view which presented Islam as a religion on its own which was tied to the life and revelation of the prophet Muhammad and since, there has been contradictions that have been made by the historians that were engaged in the critical study of Islam. In the book, the argument that is brought out by Donner is that the origin of the religion lies in believer’s movement which was begun by Prophet Muhammad.

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