The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

el Kors are reputable business platforms whose main aim is growth. therefore, with people continuing to sell their products through Amazon, and others continuing to maintain a high sense of fashion through Michael Kors, the share values of these companies will always be stable, all factors kept constant. The motivation behind these investments was that of buying and holding until the share values reach a valuable high. With the state of the economy being in jeopardy due to tensions with Russia and North Korea, it was unnecessary to invest in equities with a high Rate of Change and penny stocks. this is because during such economic times they could fluctuate really fast and bring in huge losses.

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On 26th of April I opened a 20,000-share long position with Michael Kors at a share value of $92.19, which amounted to $1,843,800. With a Price to Earnings Ratio of $30.50, and an Earnings Per Share value of $1.97, the price of each share was clearly overpriced. This is due to the fact that most people speculated that the company was doing good business, thereby prompting more investments, thus the exaggerated price per share. The fact that the fashion trends do not change all of a sudden was a good bet that the share value of Michal Kors would continue increasing, which made the purchase of these shares a good buy.

At the time of the purchase, the value of Michael Kors shares was very low compared to how KORS had performed in February and a better part of March. This meant that somewhere around the end of March, the shares would start increasing again due to salary payments. The graph below clearly shows that my speculations were correct, since the share value of Michael Kors went up near the end of the month. On 1st April, I sold 15,000 shares to reduce my long position with Michael Kors at a share value of $94.69, making a profit of $37,490 and still remaining with 5000 shares as a Michal Kors long position. The graphs below depict the behavior of Michael Kors Holdings

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