The symmetrical architecture allows the idle processor to process the information and does not allow the busy processor to process the information or task. Symmetrical multiprocessing architecture is often known to be rapid and most commonly utilized architecture regarding the multiprocessing. If one processor in the symmetrical multiprocessing architecture fails the other processors remain intact and the processing continues (Hagersten & Hill, 2001).

Master slave multiprocessing architecture makes one of the processor to dominate all the other processors. The information is first received by the master processor that assigns the task to the other processor or resend the information to the idle processor. The master slave multiprocessing architecture is a bit more complex as compared to the symmetrical architecture. If the master processor fails, the entire processing system fails. All tasks are assigned by the master processor to the other processors in the master slave processing architecture (Lyonnard, Yoo, Baghdadi & Jerraya, 2001).

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In the symmetrical multiprocessing architecture, the Random Access Memory (RAM) remains the same for all the processors in the architecture. The RAM remains dedicated to one processor at one time, which is involved on the processing phenomenon. The system maintains the priority of certain tasks makes the RAM dedicated to the most valued and important tasks. In the similar manner all the processors in the symmetrical multiprocessing architecture share the memory, input and output devices, interrupts systems and other relevant system resources (Lyonnard, Yoo, Baghdadi & Jerraya, 2001). On the other hand, in the master slave multiprocessing architecture, inputs and outputs, memory, etc is directly controlled by the master processor. Common examples of the symmetrical multiprocessing architectures are the dual core processors made by Intel and other companies (Hagersten & Hill, 2001).

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