Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome.

To prove themselves right they simply lie about the symptoms in an extremely convincing manner, they tend to manipulate diagnostic tests (for example by putting acid in urine samples). They try to falsify the medical reports and in an extreme case the sufferer even tries to create symptoms by poisoning, suffocating, making to starve and causing infections to the victims (Artingstall, 1998). &nbsp.This disease is considered extremely dangerous for the people around and is considered to be child abuse by the American Professional Society. However, besides a child being the target, few adult victim cases have also been reported. This problem can be psychiatric or behavioural. Usually people with MSP do this to show the victim (often their child) as ill to gain attention and sympathy from others. To show that how much suffering he or she is bearing for their child. They even do this to develop a relationship with the doctor or other health care provider. They often care for the victim and don’t leave their side to show that they are a very good caretaker. People with MSP even risk the child to undergo operations and risky tests just to fulfil their desired wishes. In a normal day to day life it is very difficult to point out if a person is suffering from this disease and so it gets nearly impossible to verify how common this disease is. As mostly this disease is undetectable. Doctors usually use variety of diagnostic tests and procedures to identify the cause of the illness before considering diagnosis for MSP.

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