Museum Paper.

A numbers of these European artists spent their entire lives in the United States. All the paintings on the museum walls were created by these great artists between 1799 to 1843. It is observed that a number of paintings in the gallery depicted outdoor sceneries and the sky. The West painting measuring 34 by 25.

6 cm was properly displayed in order to demonstrate the rich experiences of these artists.

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My first encounter with the West’s paintings in the museum walls were first confusing to me to an extent that I did not even recognize Benjamin Franklin, probably because I had little experience owing to my Qatar native and only two years of living experience in the united states. My little stay within the United States meant that I had little understanding of the American history. According to my understanding on these types of painting, I imaged that the West’s painting with a pictorial painting of an old man surrounded by angels as a person seeking for God’s divine and mercy because the pictures are made facing the sky. I my little understanding of the West’s art work, I thought these paintings symbolized guidance as the wends created a strong illusion of the presence of God in me and I finally had to inflame it because I could not explain it owing to my little understanding of the American art works. The presence of light symbolized intervention and satisfaction. My little interpretation was also influenced by spiritual upbringing that made me closer to fundamental beliefs of God. For sure, I was aware that my interpretation of these great artistic works was different from the American artists because they had a deeper understanding of their profession.

King George III, born in 1738in the United States had great control of America before losing the colonial control.

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