Museum Visitation.

It looked mysterious, like a puzzle that needs to be figured out.

The first thought about this artwork was figuring out its complexity. There is a huge question mark asking the viewer what is the meaning of this picture. Without looking at the description of the painting or the artists name, it is hard to figure out what it means and represents. After reading the name of Roberto Matta, it dawned on me that this might be surrealism.

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Museum Visitation.
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A few questions crossed my mind while looking at this artwork. I know that Matta was fascinated by Christ’s crucifixion and he loved painting that tragic event in different styles and forms. Immediately, I started looking for the cross and soldiers in this picture. Certain questions that boggled me were.

I am a fan of motion and fluidity. Rigidness and mechanical expressions of art always disinterest me. Le Meridien by Sarah Morris is one such piece. Despite the brilliant color play the rigid rectangles and strict computer like boundaries make it seem automaton. Maybe this style is an expression of mechanical elements but it does not make me want to spend time looking at Morris’s work.

Upon reading the description of her work, it was revealed that it represents Rio de Janiero’s architecture. The elongated rectangular mosaic-like formation of vibrant colors represent the old building in Rio. I was questioning myself about this painting.

The exhibition called In the Sculpture Garden: Jedd Novatt displays artworks depicting minimalism. The purpose is to depict the presence of minimalistic sculpture style making its way into the American public landscape. Its prominent features include the interplay between rigid, lifeless elements such as steel and aluminum and giving them the theatrical animation turning them into eye-catching sculptures. They also display the most efficient use of space and the optimal ratio of mass, volume and weight.

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