Museum vsit.

The layout of the art is diamond in shape. A wall colored in red was visible in the middle of the exhibits. This was the starting point of the exhibit. It contained clear descriptions of the art. The red color symbolized the blood shed during the violence in the communist era. It also illuminates the art work and made it easy for the visitors to see and read the descriptions inscribed on the art.The posters are placed in white frame and hanged up the wall and strategically place to see and understand their significance once the visitors read the descriptions. They are also grouped which makes it easier for the visitors to understand the art work easily.

The exhibits are directly lit, softly to enhance the artwork and make it more visible to the public. The exhibits have a combination of warm colors, grey, red and white walls. The grey color is the background of the poster while the red and white are on the wall an element which is simple in nature but aesthetically beautiful to look at. The room where the posters are displayed also have an ambiance that allows one to have a good focus on the posters. The artists and the museum staff arranged the exhibit in such a way that one will read, connect with art work and go back in history to get a clearer picture of the message passed in your mind.

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Museum vsit.
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The posters had labels on them and some had descriptions on type of art work displayed in the museum. The descriptions told of the history behind the poster and they were didactic in nature. They derived their inspiration from the social injustice in the past as that was the theme of the rebranded. These exhibits were not only pleasing to art lovers but the message behind it is what inspires me as an art enthusiast

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