New product idea.


he possibility to easily consume your daily dose of fresh fruit juice at work, at school, … Fruitness offers a small assortment of orange-based fruit juices to match everyone’s taste and it makes for the perfect refreshment during a break from working. The exclusivity of our business model lies in the concept of delivering fresh juices directly to companies.

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New product idea.
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Fruitness will be established as a B.V.B.A. to limit liabilities for the owners. The money that has to be raised to start the business is € 60.000, financed by five managers. Dividends will not be paid during the first 7 years. Profit will be re-invested in the company to finance internal growth.

Some of our major direct competitors are Minute Maid (Coca Cola Co.) and Tropicana (Pepsi Co.). Their main advantages are their size and expertise. Their weakness is their disability to deliver a fresh juice to the market.

“Fruitness provides a solution to increased awareness towards health and better-for-you products. All Fruitness juices are daily made with fresh fruit and delivered within 24 hours. Fruitness’ innovative business model ensures that Fruitness is available at the places where people spend most of their time and energy. at work or at school!”

Fruitness produces fresh orange juice, squeezed the first day and directly delivered to the customer the second day. It is made of 100% fresh fruit, without addition of sugar, concentrate, preservatives or use of heat. The packaging consists of a white HDPE (high density polyethylene) bottle that helps maintain high Vitamin C levels (extra 15% retention rate over clear bottles). It is a high quality product aimed at health-conscious consumers. The juice is delivered to companies that want to provide their employees with a fresh, healthy and tasty alternative to the usual soft-drinks.

To meet customer demand and taste, Fruitness produces different flavours. It focuses on citrus juices, all with an orange basis: Orange² (100% orange), Orange & Lime

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