New York State Politics.


Some of the requirements required to get the card are proof of residency and identity. Special provisions have been put in place for the homeless residents who are also required to apply for the card. There are also provisions of protection put in place especially for people such as the domestic abuse survivors. There is also a platform for appeal for those denied the card. The cardholders are also required to be above 14 years of age and be residents of New York. These rules were put in place with the assistance of the HRA and in response to the online feedback and the October public hearing. The card comes with its benefits, which are benefits and discounts from the 33 city’s largest cultural institutions, which include the museum, art galleries and the zoos (Khurshid).

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New York State Politics.
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These 33 institutions are on rent-free New York land enjoying the energy and subsidized operations in the city. They are beneficiaries to the $479.7 million spent on Cultural Institution Group (CIG) fiscal year 2013, which there are members (NYC.Gov). These are accounted for in the annual budget at the cultural affairs department that carries about two- thirds. The cards, however, are not membership cards to these institutions, as the holders are required to apply for their individual memberships in these institutions. These applied memberships are valid for a year from the day of signing up. Those who had previously applied for the membership will not be eligible although they will enjoy discounts from the institutions in which they were not members.

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