News Story.

This was a story about a 5k run that has been organized to raise money for a boy who was severely burned in a car crash that killed two other local teenagers. It showed the organizer, a boy himself, speaking several times, the parents crying, and people running a race. Next, a brief story about an attempted kidnapping of an 11-year-old boy. This was a very brief segment with not many details. Next were short updates about Jaycee Dugard. a short segment on the Gulf oil spill, as there has been a new cap put into place. tropical storm Earl. a security breach at LAX. a guy who was killed in a robbery after winning big at a casino. and the fact that Craigs List is removing its “adult services” section.

Then came by far the longest story – about buying meat for Labor Day picnics. This talked to two or three different shoppers, and a butcher who came on several different times throughout the segment to state about how to select cuts of meat, how to get the best price on the meat, as well as how to season and cook the meat.

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The story order indicates that the local weather is the most newsworthy item of the day, as this is what the newscast opened with – a forecast of Labor Day weather. Then, the brief segment about the wildfire showed that a local happening is second most newsworthy. But the news chose to highlight, with a long segment, a story about a 5k run. This was the third story that was shown, and this 5k run is part of an on-going story about three teenagers being killed that happened well over a month ago. To me, this shows the local news tendencies to milk a particular story for all its worth to keep it in the spotlight for as long as possible. The story about the three teenagers was a big deal, so the fact that the news station saw fit to run yet another story about this incident just shows that the news programs just cannot let go of a big story.

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