No Housing Around Texas Wesleyan University.


The company that was employed also works with the major street improvements that take place around the area where the university is situated.

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No Housing Around Texas Wesleyan University.
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The admissions that usually take place at the university are considered to be selective and the undergraduate enrollment is 1,794 while the graduate enrollment is 1,410 students. Fifty eight percent of the student population is female and there are 1,233 students who are enrolled in the full time programs while 561 are enrolled in the part time with 44 percent of the student body being identified as minority. Only 412 students reside inside the campus out of the total population of the school due to lack of adequate boarding and accommodation facilities in the university and most of the students that are enrolled in this university are from Texas.

Out of the total population of the students that are enrolled by the university, only 412 students live inside the university and the rest of the students have to find alternative places to live outside the campus. There are houses that offer this alternative residential living for the students but these houses are expensive for the students and cannot house many of the students. There are no apartment buildings that can adequately cater for the accommodation needs of many of the students at the same time.

As a result of the lack in adequate housing for the university students at the Texas Wesleyan University, the prices that the students who do not get accommodation inside the university have to pay at the alternative housing around the university are very high. The limited housing that exists around the university does not offer competitive rates that are in the range that the university charges those students living within the campus. This makes the students seek alternative housing in areas that are further from the campus so that they can be able to have relatively lower rates.

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