Norms, Biases and Preferences.


These biases also result from social attributions, memory and judgmental errors. Preferences, on the other hand, can be referred to as anthropological, sociological and aesthetic concepts that affect cultural patterns concerned with choice and taste. They involve drawing of distinctions between manners and styles. Preferences are about the ability of man to judge, that which is good, beautiful and proper. The premise of this paper is to interconnect these three aspects and outline how they affect society and the study of society.

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Norms, Biases and Preferences.
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Social psychologists have for years, differed on the conceptual processes, which they assume generate observable social behavior. While some sociologists have expressed the theory that it is generated by norms, also referred to as standards, others have taken the assumption that this behavior was generated by preferences, also referred to as attitudes. Others have rooted for descriptive components also known as bias (Ariely, 2010).

Hypothetically, norms, biases and preferences will imbue independent effects on society and the choices they make. This independence of each other refers to the expectation that each of these principles cannot be explained away by other variables and the effects these variables may have on social behavior. These variables include social influence, social experience, success, ability and background. Even if, these other variables were to be controlled, norms, bias, and preferences would have significant effects on society. Since most of society sees their existence in instrumental terms, norms will have stronger effects on their decision taking than will preference or bias. The hunger to succeed will cause society to follow what they see and observe over what they feel (Ariely, 2010).

Hypothetically, it is also possible that norms, preferences and biases will affect society and its intentions, and these intentions will affect behavior.

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