Nursing paper.

Based on a SWOT analysis, the strategic position of the healthcare centre can be established. A SWOT analysis looks at the company’s strengths and weaknesses, and opportunities and threats. the internal environment (the company’s strengths and weaknesses) in which the company operates and the external influence (the company’s opportunities and threats) are assessed (Bohm, 2009). In this case, a hospital will be analyzed using SWOT analysis. The strengths and the weaknesses are based on what the hospital can offer best and what it cannot offer best. The opportunities and threats for the hospital come from the external resources, the regulations and partnerships.

Considering the strengths of the hospital, it is beyond doubt that patients receive a wide variety of quality services. This is seen in respect of the fact that the hospital staff is keen on complying with the code of ethics, maintains up-to-date records related to patient care and provides the option of applying Medicaid and Medicare to ease the cost of medical care. Maintaining accurate and up-to date records is important in ensuring that all aspects of patient care including billing are properly done. This in effect helps in the avoidance of medical malpractice with its accompanying negative effects, the worst being patient death. The hospital also flourishes in its endeavor to provide quality care in that it has a wide variety of facilities that are useful in screening diseases. The hospital’s emphasis on continuous education also implies that it is keen to ensure that the right treatments methods are applied in caring for patients. These combinations of positive factors have a compounded effect in attracting more patients to the hospital. The hospital needs to maintain and if possible improve on these strengths if it has to continue enjoying its position as a market leader in the provision of nursing care.

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