Nursing RN-BSN International Travel Program Application.


I believe this opportunity will open the windows for me to excel in the professional requirements for the international exposure in the forthcoming years of my career.

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Nursing RN-BSN International Travel Program Application.
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I humbly state that I am a philanthropist with considerable values of life which guide me along the path of spiritual perfection and professional excellence for a stable social life. I believe in the saying “Serve Humanity and you will serve the God”, which has influenced me a lot since my childhood. My family god-fearing family background is the basic reason for this. As young as 8 year old, I was inspired by the societal contributions of Florence Nightingale and Mother Teresa. They have profoundly inspired me to achieve the position of a nurse in the community services right since my school days. The I know that Linfield provides us a truly international exposure with the professional integration of international culture and community healthcare along with quality education and enough personal reputation to assure my existence in the competitive job market.

The very thought of having an opportunity to travel abroad thrills me now as it can get me chances to fulfill my dream of nursing the categorically undeserved communities outside my country. Another prospect of taking up this traveling venture is the unlimited scope of learning the culture and social life patterns of the socially interior people and their healthcare solutions. In my specific plans for this visit, I would like to help the community in general and especially the inpatients facing inferior health conditions due to lack of proper medical facilities and the absence of humanitarian approach from the caregivers. This international experience will bring in me, the faith to help someone struggling for his survival. I would choose the neglected places around the globe as my workplaces. My intention will be to know as much as I can about the host country before making my travel arrangements.

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