On Roles and Responsebilities (HRM).

As we progress through our careers, it is very important for us to keep learning about the latest discoveries and advancements in research so that we remain updated on the latest knowledge of our field. This empowers us and makes us knowledgeable so that we are able to deliver in any kind of situation and at any stage in our careers.

Core skills are basically knowledge that one has. knowledge about how to do something, how to operate upon something, or how to connect things in a system to make it work. Competencies are, on the other hand, our abilities to do what we know. “In fact, some “skills” may be “competencies” in another organization. It’s not a black and white item that HR can make fit in all places for all things” (Browne). The difference between core skills and competencies can best be explained with the help of an example. Let’s suppose an individual is a very good structural engineer. He has sound knowledge of design and can design anything from infrastructure to multi-story buildings. A company is seeking such a structural engineer to prepare the design of its upcoming project. The employee is selected because he was able to convince the interviewer that he knew designing. However, the employee cannot get along with the peers well at job. He fights with fellow workers and is caught in controversies and thus gets fired within the first week. The employee did not have the competency to do the work although he was skilled. This means that certain other factors like personality and behavior were at play. In order to be successful, one requires both core skills and competencies.

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On Roles and Responsebilities (HRM).
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