One journal and one assignment.

During the 1960s, young women were prevented from wearing pants irrespective of whether it was formal or informal occasion. However, modern women were advised to wear blue jean during their leisure activities. Based on Manzano (2009) the Alpargatas brand was designed to attract the Far West girls. After the Argentine revolution in mid 1960, there were stringent cultural expressions especially for the mini-skirts. From the article, it illustrates the emergence of modern wear and cultural diffusions.

Women began to wear miniskirts and blue jeans as a symbol of feminine beauty which encompassed the displaying of erogenous zones (Manzano, 2009). The unisex tradition emerged due to resemblance of the sexes dress codes. Blue jeans and long hair depicted the unisex fashion among the youths

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Poet Hector Negro pointed out that blue jeans highlighted youth presence in the Argentine virtual culture. In mid 1970, blue jean was exclusively won by the young to express youthfulness. As a result, blue jean generation necessitated the vindication of informality and casualness in today’s culture (Manzano, 2009).

2. It is a superb upscale retail store dealing with clothing lines and other accessories. The chain store offers casual wears, work clothes, designer wear, active wear and sports clothing. In its artistic elements, the retail store specializes in men and women designer clothes. The designer wear includes custom made luxury clothes and bridal gowns (Spector & McCarthy, 2012).

3.The retail store targets the upscale millennium aged consumers. The fashion store aims at middle income to high income level consumers based on the clothing lines, services and its competitive prices (Spector & McCarthy, 2012).

4.The clothes are being advertised through an image. The company hires and employs professional models to advertise their clothing lines.

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