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The study module has been divided into five different sections with the first two sections providing a brief overview of what is covered by the course as well as some guidance on the necessary prior knowledge and preliminary requirements before the course is started. The final three sections have been designed to tackle the actual course content with the added advantage of actual concrete examples being used to provide relevant examples of actual evaluations that have been widely drawn from several case studies (Canadian Institute of Health Research 2012).

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The website could be greatly enhanced by the addition of web 2.0 tool such as the use of video’s and audio’s multimedia capabilities that could potentially be used by those who happen to suffer from hearing or visual impairments (Smith 2005).

The course is intended to provide supplemental information for health professionals specialized in vision, medical care and rehabilitation. that are keen to improve their general knowledge on visual impairment and Diabetes. At the end of the course the students undertaking the study course will be capable of applying the reading, describe the slightly over 400 medical terms that are commonly associated with both visual impairment and diabetes, and finally be able to aptly interpret and respond accordingly to all post and pretest Quiz questions (The Carroll Center for the blind 2012).

The course has been divided into fifteen different topics to be covered consecutively within a time period of about 23.5 hours. The topics covered include overviews of what diabetes and visual impairments are as well as other topics touching on self management, rehabilitation to medication and treatment (The Carroll Center for the blind 2012).

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