Online Privacy.


Most people using the social websites fear that their personal information can be retrieved by cookie companies that monitor how one uses the internet. Another issue concerning online privacy is for those who use clouds to store their personal and business data and fear intrusion of the cloud by hackers and above all through cyber security. Therefore, online privacy is fundamental due even to the introduction of e-commerce where billions of dollars are transacted every day. Furthermore, it is upon every individual to make sure all passwords are secure and always log off from websites, emails, social media accounts before closing the browser to maintain efficient online privacy (, 2014).

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On the contrary, companies like Google and Facebook have access to personal information and data. Google is renowned globally and is the most used search engines on the internet. Google collects all available private information and conveniently places it at a researcher’s fingertips. This information is in the form of address, telephone numbers, pictures, and all history of work. On the other hand, Facebook is another popular website used by people to obtain private information. Intruders and researchers can obtain information pertaining the pictures uploaded and posted, family/friends information and even the place of work. These companies get personal information and data when people create accounts with them because it is mandatory to fill in all data pertaining to an individual, group or corporations. Furthermore, Google accounts such as Gmail get access to personal information through the phishing of private data (Baxter, 2013).

The Snowden’s case has led to the emergence of many things revolving online privacy

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