Online Vs. Classroom Instruction.

Aspects of the text that the author discusses that are risky are looking at two different types of being a student. Online learning can be controversial because some people may think it is not the same as earning a real degree and think the classroom requires more hands-on work. She takes a stance against online learning and uses a source to stand behind her thoughts saying that online classes keep students away from interacting with both fellow students and their professors, making it harder to work on group projects and getting support from peers and instructors.

While Morgan is making this comparison, it is hard to know where she is coming from. While it states at the bottom her author biography, it does tell that she has earned a degree. It makes me curious what her education was like. Does she really know what it is like to be in both types of classrooms? Has she ever taken an online class? If she has not, then that does not really give her any credibility behind her argument. People that have taken classes under both circumstances are the people that really can give their true opinion on which is more effective and it also depends on a person’s learning style.

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Online Vs. Classroom Instruction.
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One of the risks she takes in writing this is that her credibility is really at stake. If someone were to dig in her background on this opinion piece, it might be discovered that she only took structured classes within a classroom. However, she might also have been a student that only earned her education from a university such as University of Phoenix which is strictly online. No one really knows who she is which makes it difficult to know how she developed her opinions.

There are many factors that could determine if online education or traditional structured classroom education is best and these are some topics that the author did not necessarily address. She might be a person who is middle-aged and never had the option to take an online class.

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