OPAC Evaluation Between University of Arizona & University of BALAMAN.

These features include the general representation of these libraries their database characteristics, how operations occur and managed. Moreover, it also looks at the means that these libraries provide to search for information. Other vital features include operations on Boolean, aids for searching under the subjects, options for displaying on the screen and means to display output. In addition, functionalities that will offer end user support are notably inevitable.

The University of Arizona has an unusual layout of the home page clearly showing the menus just below the header page. The integration of sky blue, brown, white and deep blue colors brings out an excellent look ( Lebanese American University, 1997-2015). The selection of the font schemes has differentiated the headings, subheadings, and the body thus making the information easier to read. The spacing is ok. Further, the images in place are informative and not just thrown anyhow.

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OPAC Evaluation Between University of Arizona & University of BALAMAN.
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On the other hand, the page on Lebanese American University is simple with links to services easily accessible from the home page. The color contrast of green for the heading and a variation of brown for the body is excellent. The slight color red strip in use under the title LAU Libraries is lovely. The change of the menu coloring clearly distinguishes what is in the selection and what is not. Arizona did not have that, however, it uses color shading to identify what has been highlighted and what is not. The photos in use are standard in the way they convey meaning, for example, the one on how to locate the books.

The spacing is alright with the distinction of sections. However, despite the difference between the headings and bodies subheadings, it should have been more distinct. The preceding has been brought out more clearly on the Arizona website.

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