Operations Management At BMW Mini

Multistage and single-stage production systems that have a supply chain flexibility are based on multiple production sites with dependency on how the firm’s allocation of products and resources to various sites.

Formalization of BMW’s strategic planning process, as well as interfaces across strategic load planning, defines the firm’s partial strategies. BMW has rigid location strategies, allocation strategies, flexibility and capacity strategies, and make-or-buy strategies. The characteristics of such strategies are critical to impacting premium car manufacturing, unlike mass product manufacturers (Riesenbeck & Perrey, 2009, p 156). For example, the determination of location strategy means that BMW should consider the availability of qualified personnel in foreign countries and positive impact on the production image of Germany. Determination of the allocation strategy is based on BMW’s goal to make highly customized cars based on orders and requires more flexible assembly lines to be used for any product within the plant.

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Operations Management At BMW Mini
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The direction of BMW’s sustainability strategy is based in the global focus on international markets. Involvement of all management board members schedules planning processes for sustainability and convenes diverse interest and assessments of the company’s progress. Responsibility for the operative implementation includes evaluation of measures among individual company divisions and the focus of the sustainability circle. The implication is that there are representations on sustainable business operations and environment responsiveness. The responsibilities of the institution include evaluation and identification of opportunities and risks relating to sustainability. The concept also oversees continued product enhancement in terms of sustainability strategies (Lussier, 2011, p 78).

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