Organizational Behavior, Integrative Paper.


ions, interpersonal conflict management strategies, how groups become teams, leadership different from management, and types of organizational structures.

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 Organizational Behavior, Integrative Paper.
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Strategic decisions differ form operational decisions in that strategic decisions deal with long term issues, while operational decisions cover the immediate or short term. Some examples of strategic decisions are decisions to purchase new equipment to implement upgrades, profitability decisions, capital investment decisions, and decisions on how to improve the market share of an enterprise. The executive management team of a company is responsible for the strategic decisions of a company. A few years ago I encountered at my job the difficulties associated with strategic and operational decisions. The crew of employees I was working with made a request for new equipment to be used immediately in the company. The use of the $30,000 machinery would reduce the completion time of the project by 50%. The overall project cost was going to be lower due to the labor savings. The team was very frustrated when the petition was denied. The justification for denying the request was that money was being reserve to purchase new equipment in the summer of 2013. Our team was not able to produce like they could because the company preferred to save money for the long term strategic decisions than to invest money to improve the current operations of the firm. Strategic decisions are also important. For instance companies such as Microsoft when they release a new product they already have a plan ready on how to substitute the product once it reaches the declining stage of its product life cycle.

Conflict in the workplace is an undesirable outcome that occurs due to the inevitable differences among human beings. Conflict occurs when two or more parties disagree over a substantial issue. One of the causes of conflict is people not being able to control their emotions.

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