Orgnization design class.


The essay proposes a number of ways the organization can use to switch their consumer to the younger generation from the old. Further, it provides the reasons and benefits of shifting their brand position.

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 Orgnization design class.
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The world’s statistics support that the young people make up the largest portion of the world’s population. As such for any marketer, in the motorcycle industry, the young people should be key target population. The young population consists a significant portion of the markets. Compared to the older population, there are a number of strategies that the marketers ought to articulate differently to reach out and attract the young population. First, the digital age is a technologically knowledgeable. The information and communications industry are fully appreciated by the young population hence the most effective marketing method. Social media is among the top most effective platform of reaching out to the young persons from the age of 15 to 34. The age group is within the age bracket of potential consumers. As such, the company’s marketing strategy should exploit the social media platforms available such as Facebook, Tweeter, and Myspace. The mobile phone is part of most young people’s lives. It is the easiest way of impressing the young people (Venzke, 29).

Another approach is developing models that are appealing that are appealing to the young generation. The company’s current models have majorly attracted old people and mainly men. Therefore, the new brands should have the young males and females in mind. For this to successful, the young generation specialist should be deeply involved in this strategy. Clearly, such are the only person who is aware of what the young people want. They will help deliver what is appealing to the target population. The employees should be the company’s greatest asset

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