Oscar Wildes Fashion Ugliness Argument.


The paper “Oscar Wilde’s Fashion Ugliness Argument” critically examines whether fashion has some ugliness. Oscar Wilde was arguably right in his observation that the mass market that produces and distributes fashion products is saturated with poor quality products, which are meant to appeal to the end-users within a short period of time as the manufacturers make millions of pounds in profits. Producing fashion items for global consumption generally takes precedent over creativity or individual vision. The skill and creativity in the design of tight undergarments, for example, takes a lesser role as far as creating the commodity is concerned. Serving hundreds of millions of consumers with such unhealthy clothes for “six months” requires quick production of simple fashion materials through cheap processes for selling multiple times over without paying attention at the health risks and or discomfort that it would pose to the wearers. The end-result is an “ugly” fashion item that prevents the wearer from freely engaging in his or her everyday duties. In addition, owing to the priority of contemporary corporate bodies that design and produce fashion items to make profits, it is apparent that short-term gains cannot coexist with quality and the “inner” attraction of fashion items. Profit demands continuous generation of unique designs that are easy to manufacture such as backless blouses for women. Once a fashion design has been accepted, usually by individuals who are under the pressure to generate more revenue.

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