Overview of a Technology based Company.


ter this, Hewlett – Packard was able to develop into creating electronic instruments for the US government, specifically based on needs for buildings and safety. It was during the 1940s that there was substantial growth within the organization and led to continuous expansion. By 1947, over 39 products were offered through the company, all based on new innovations with electronics.

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Overview of a Technology based Company.
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In 1957, HP became a publicly traded company and was listed on the stock exchange for $16 per share. The company was listed under the industry of electronics in the stock exchange. By 1959, the company had built into a global corporation with radio equipment and electronically tested information not only coming from the base in California, but also moving into areas such as Germany and Switzerland. The main approach at this point was to test and develop different capacities in electronics with several marketplaces and branches. For instance, medical instruments, analytics and newer innovations were all added into the industry. In 1966, HP developed the first computer used by the company, followed by scientific calculators and other office type electronic supplies that added into the main devices of HP. Today, HP continues to add in extra electronic devices, ranging from some of the newer options in electronic devices to initial components that have continued to develop through the beginning of the corporation. There are three main branches that are a part of HP, including personal systems for PCs, mobile computing and workstations, the imaging and printing group and the enterprise business services, which consists of business products, storage, servers and enterprise software (HP, 2010).

The corporate objectives of the company are based on innovation and electronics. The first corporate objective is customer loyalty.

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