Ownership and digital downloads.

They cannot hold any ownership rights other than those of using it.

Technology has evolved with high speed and it attracts many people especially the youths who prefer to use online downloads as opposed to tangible sources. As result, people who have produced their content such as books, music and film are attracted to upload their content online for people to buy it and then download it. Sales are better online than on the stores as it is convenient, faster and accessible. The internet provides an easy method of sale but the prices are much lower than those of purchasing a tangible content such as a book, a CD or a tape. Books, CDs and tapes carry ownership rights and can be considered the buyers property as opposed to the online copy which ownership does not leave the copyright. In this case, you cannot be said to own something you cannot show or hold. Thus, the intellectual property belongs to the owner who produced it regardless of the rights granted to the person who downloads the content.

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Ownership and digital downloads.
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Legally, the digital content cannot be bequeathed to other persons as gifts, selling or inheritance unlike tangible content like books which can be given out to siblings, friends or left as inheritance. For instance, if you love reading books and you have a collection of both tangible books and eBooks, you can give out your books or bequeath them in the event of your death but this will not be the case for eBooks. As such any digital content such as eBook, movies, music among other online content does not belong to you even if you have bought it and you reserve no rights over it. This includes even the paid-for digital content. Payment for the downloaded content is meant for enjoyment of privileges associated with reading, watching r listening to it and not for ownership.

The copyright is protected by The Copyright Law to prevent users of their content from selling it as their own.

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