Pampered pooches travel in style.


The trend nowadays is to focus on the customization of pet products and services so that they resemble those of human beings. The bottom-line in the attempt to treat pets as people are treated is the fact that the 75 million dogs and 88 million cats are trainable. One pet enthusiast and the CEO of PetSmart.Inc Phillip L. Francis concedes that the care of pets is because unlike snakes and fish, the can be trained to accompany man. The company is one of the leading retailers in pet foods and has even gone a step further by attempting to teach people to become better pet parents. The line between the way that these four-legged mammals are treated and the way that the two-legged mammals are treated has thinned. This paper will attempt to answer a couple of questions mostly on how hotels and other retailers of pet products and services can take the rise in pet enthusiasm to their advantage.

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Pampered pooches travel in style.
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The fact that only the consumer electronic market is faster growing that the pet market shows that opportunities are many and the market can be easily tapped by customizing products so that they better satisfy these consumers. For an upscale hotel to be in a position to capitalize on the growing pet market, a number of things have to be done. First, the hotel should ensure that it has the best facilities than its competitors. This means that a market research is of utmost importance. Pet owners should be interviewed so that their input is used to better the facilities that may be available for the pets. Most hotels offer private suites for pets that are characterized by raised platform beds. This is a shift from the traditional low lying beds that were next to the pet owners beds. However, it is now almost a rule that pets have their own beds that resemble those of their owners. Additionally, there are television sets in those suites that are tuned into the animal channels.

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