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ng desire of Cyrus for greatness makes him able to withstand all the temptations and assume a disciplined life, which earns him respect among all people, as well as his army. Nevertheless, Cyrus has had people who are always envious about is character and role as a wise and charismatic leader, but these individuals have fallen from their desired paths. For example, Cyaxares is highly obsessed in achieving the same status of leadership as that of Cyrus in leading his army. However, he failed to achieve this because his envy for Cyrus did not let him focus on activities, which would grant him an opportunity to achieve his goals. Another individual who has fallen because of the envy for Cyrus is the Araspas who has a strong obsession for Panthea. In the entire readings, it is clear that Cyrus was an inspirational leader who gained political success because of his inherent characteristic of observing discipline (Xenophon and Ambler, 2001).

The readings also provide emphasis on the Persians status during the Xenophon time. Xenophon illustrated the positive characteristics from the Persians discipline during the Cyrus life. He also indicated that the lack of such characteristics would result in harming the society in different perspectives and aspects of life. Further, Xenophon has illustrated the need for Persians desire to achieve excellence in different endeavors of their life. This trait is seen in different fields, especially in the choice of health, clothing, training for discipline and assuming the best conduct in society. Such has enabled Persians to become an organized society while the presence of Cyrus as the model leader makes them to remain in that status at all times. Nevertheless, the Persians lost the way after the death of Cyrus. Their impressive and erstwhile organization has dissolved while the disarray has made it complex to ensure that an effective successor rises to replace the works of Cyrus.

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