Paul and Elder Critical Thinking.

Intellectual courage is also another very important trait that an intellect should have. This is having a conscious to face and address presented ideas and believes or points of views of other individuals. One should not just take believes and theories from people irrespective of their educational background. All the ideas presented should be subjected to questioning so that facts can be extracted from the claims presented. Critical thinking involves people analyzing thoughts of other people to find out if there is an error of reasoning in the thinking aspects. We should not consider anything said or written to be true because there might be a given form of information distortion and hence it’s our obligation as listeners to determine that particular distortion and correct it through meaningful questioning and giving the possible answers.

The third and very important intellectual trait discussed is the intellectual empathy. This is the conscious that is brought out during a thinking and imagination process. Errors in imagination should not be taken lightly. This can be described as a way of putting oneself in the imaginative shoes so that one can exactly understand the feeling and the meaning of a given imagination presented to the public. This trait also reminds one at a given past when the thinking to a given issue that was not all as what was expected. Each person must at one point differ with other individuals especially colleagues in the thinking process. Hence remembering is an important factor presented by this trait.

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Paul and Elder Critical Thinking.
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Other traits include intellectual integrity, intellectual perseverance, faith in reasoning and fair-mindedness. All these traits once adopted, an error in reasoning cannot occur.

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