Peer Review.

The writer also provides a lot of quotes from the writings of both the feminist writers to support the arguments. The paragraphs are organized in a coherent manner with each paragraph building on the previous one. However, it lacks a conclusion and there are few grammatical and punctuation errors e. g. the writer writes “oppression” instead of “oppression”.

This writer provides a catching introduction by directly addressing the two writers, Anzaldua and Kingston. It is important to highlight the creativity when the writer notes that the two women share more than just their XX chromosomes. After the introduction paragraph, the writer provides a background of how the writers encountered sexist oppression. In the next paragraph, the writer adequately describes how the two writers use their languages as the strongest weapons against sexist oppression and patriarchy. This writer also provides relevant quotes that support these arguments. In conclusion, the writer describes examples of use of language as both shields and methods of attack. The essay is well organized, with each paragraph complementing the other. Though there are extremely few punctuation errors, the writer uses a few paragraphs. These errors can be fixed by proofreading through the essay again, while the paragraphs can be divided up to cover different points that are in a single paragraph.

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This writer does not adequately capture the needs of the question. While the question demands that the writer develop a detailed argument that compares how Anzaldua and Kingston use language as a weapon against patriarchy with detail, this writer only provides summaries of the two writings. The writer just details the events that took place in the book including instances of sexist oppression and patriarchy. However, the writer fails to derive the differences and similarities of how the two writers tackle these issues.

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