Perdue Farms refers to the parent company of Perdue Foods and Agribusiness that is located in Salisbury, Maryland.

Chicken, pork and turkey are the major foods processed by Perdue in the United States of America. Of late, the consumers of the Perdue products more especially the chicken consumers have been greatly impacted negatively as far as their fitness is concern. This is due to the chemicals that the chickens are treated with during their growth. They include; adrenaline and cortisone. The fact that the constitution of the USA enacted a mixed economy system, the government is unable to directly intervene since the ownership of private company besides limiting the government interference in business operations is protected by the constitution (Bennett, 2017).

Under the mixed economy system, features like personal freedom and profit motive are some of the features enjoyed by Perdue. There being a full freedom of choice of occupation, this makes the clients to lack absolute autonomy as far as their safety is concern. The owners of Perdue are considered to be inclined to profits lather than human fitness. Phasing out and banning the use of antimicrobials in animals is a safety regulation aimed at protecting human individuals. Improved disease monitoring is another regulation in protecting the consumers (Venugopal & Gopakumar, 2017).

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Perdue Farms refers to the parent company of Perdue Foods and Agribusiness that is located in Salisbury, Maryland.
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Although from the investigations, use of antibiotics in the right way and quantity doesn’t directly harm consumers, it has been reported that excess use them make the bacteria resistant. If a chicken is carrying defiant bacteria, it can be conceded to consumers through meat not cooked properly. The end results of consuming these bacteria are; increased cruelty of infections, often including queasiness and diarrhea and even complexity in treating infections and elevated chances those treatments will fail (Silbergeld, 2016).

According to Deontology theory, individuals must adhere to their obligations when engaged in decision making and more especially when those decisions directly or indirectly impacts human race. In the issue to do with consumer safety, Perdue and the regulatory state control are the once to be blamed. As in Deontology theory, both have a key role to do in order to curb the risks of consumer safety. The fact that the Perdue have not shown compassion in raising their brand name is of great concern. They are plumping the chickens up with specially designed GMO that they feed for mere 38 days to quicken their financial gains. The regulatory body should enact laws that aim at safeguarding consumers and the Perdue should ensure that their products are bacteria free and are safe for human consumption (Farms, 2017).

In America, the Perdue doesn’t seem to put the health of consumers into consideration but their profits. They don’t acknowledge the statement of Deontology theory. The effects resulting from this is that, consumers’ health will always be compromised with the exchange of quick profits gains on the business activities which is clearly unethical (Parr, 2018).


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This is a good start at ethical analysis.  What I would really like to see is explanations of how deontology is used.  What are deontological obligations, in general?  What are the specific obligations entailed in this case? 

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